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22. The World of the Old Testament Journeys

Hill country of Palestine

This section looks at the
Geographical & Historical 

Background to the Old Testament

Palestine as a land bridge

We start with a map of
Palestine as a land bridge
between Egypt & Mesopotamia

Judaean Desert

Then take an overview of
the journeys made by Abraham,
Joseph, Moses & Joshua

Routes across Palestine
We look at the main
international routes
crossing Palestine

Solomonic gate at MegiddoAnd examine how cities
such as Megiddo owed their
growth to these routeways

River Jordan
We explore how Palestine
is totally dependent on
the River Jordan
Formation of Jordan Rift Valley
And discover how the
Jordan Rift Valley
was formed 
King Solomon's Stables at Megiddo
We look at the extent
of Ancient Israel under
King David & King Solomon
Canaanite altar at Megiddo
And give a summary
of the Message of
the Old Testament
Torah Scroll
Then we ask
Who wrote the
  Old Testament? 
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