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29. The Journeys of Ruth and Samuel

View overlooking Bethlehem
Ruth accompanies
her mother-in-law
to Bethlehem
Shiloh from Eli
Samuel is taken
as a boy to the
sanctuary at Shiloh
Star of David mosaic at Shiloh
God calls Samuel
in the sanctuary
at Shiloh
Map of campaign against the Philistines
The Philistines
launch an attack on the
Israelites at Aphek
Ottoman fortress at Aphek
The Ark of the Covenant
is captured
by the Philistines

Ashdod Yam
The Ark is taken
by the Philistines
to Ashdod

A reconstructed Philistine house
The Philistines
move the Ark
from Gath to Ekron
Sorek Valley from Beth Shemesh
The Ark arrives at
Beth Shemesh on a
cart pulled by oxen
Abu Ghosh
The Israelites
move the Ark
to Kiriath Jearim
Al-Ram (Ramah)
Samuel dispenses justice
among the Israelites
from his home at Ramah
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A Philistine drinking vessel
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