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34. Judah in exile in Babylonia

Nehemiah's Wall
We start with an overview of
Biblical accounts of the
Jewish exile in Babylonia
Pyramids at Giza
Gedeliah is assassinated
and Jeremiah is forced
to flee to Egypt 
Babylonian map of Mesopotamia
Daniel lives in exile as
an official in the Royal
Court at Babylon
Lion of Babylon
The ruins of Babylon
include a statue of
the Lion of Babylon
The writing on the wall
Daniel interprets dreams
and the mysterious
writing on the wall
The Cyrus Cylinder
Daniel prophesies that
the Babylonians will be
defeated by the Persians
Persian Official
Daniel has a vision
of "one like a
son of man"
Alexander the Great
Daniel predicts the
overthrow of the Persian
Empire by Alexander the Great
Gold armlets from Persepolis
Daniel has a vision
of the "end times"
when the dead will rise
Temple of Zeus at Athens
Daniel prophesies that a
pagan altar will be set up
in the Jewish Temple
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The lion of Babylon
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