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48. The Jewish World of the Old Testament

Mount Sinai
We start by looking
at the different names
used to identify 'God'
Tel Azeka where David defeated Goliath
Do you know what El,
Yahweh, Adonai, Elohim
and Qedos Yisrael mean?

Sefer Torah
We look at the many
foreign gods worshipped
by the Israelites 

The 'Queen of the Night' -Ishtar
Find out about Baal,
Ashtoreth, Asherah,
Chemosh and Molech
Statue of Shalmaneser III
We attempt to name and
date all the pharoahs who
feature in the Old Testament
Ramesses II at Kadesh
Discover more about
Ramesses II, 'Shishak',
Shoshenk & Haremheb
The Books of the Jewish Tanakh
We compare the books in
the Old Testament
and the Jewish Tanakh
Jerusalem - The Temple Mount
We explore the historical
sources used by the authors
of the Old Testament
The Shrine of the Book
We discover the
importance of the
Dead Sea Scrolls
Alexander the Great
We explore the 450 years
between the Old Testament
and the New Testament
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Contemporary Hannukah Menorah
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