10. Paul's Journey to Phrygia & Macedonia

The Cilician Gates
Paul sets out on his
2nd Missionary Journey
and travels through Cilicia

Roman remains in Troas
He walks through Galatia
revisiting Derbe & Lystra
and arrives in Troas

The Harbour at Kavala (Neapolis)
Paul has a vision of a
man from Macedonia
and sets sail for Neapolis
Lydia's Church at Philippi
Paul arrives in Philippi
and talks to Lydia who
is baptised in the river
Map of Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey
He travels along the
Via Egnatia through
Amphipolis & Apollonia
The Roman Odeion in Thessalonica
Paul reaches Thessalonica
and teaches in the
Jewish synagogue
Mosaic showing Paul teaching in Berea
Paul moves on to Berea
& begins to teach
from the Jewish scriptures
The Temple of Hephaestus in Athens
In Athens, Paul debates
with the Greek philosophers
at the Areopagus
Temple of Apollo at Corinth
Paul reaches Corinth
where he is dragged before
the Roman Proconsul
The harbour at Caesarea
Paul sails via Ephesus
to Caesarea 
the port of Cenchraea
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