September Old Testament readings

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September 1st           1 Kings 8:22-34,54-57,62-63          Solomon prays in the Temple

September 2nd          1 Kings 9:1-9                        Solomon is warned about worshipping other gods

September 3rd           1 Kings 10:1-10,13           Solomon is visited by the Queen of Sheba

September 4th           1 Kings 11:1-13                   Solomon turns away from the LORD 

September 5th           1 Kings 11:14-40                Solomon gains many enemies before his death

September 6th           1 Kings 11:42-12:20         Israel rebels and the kingdom is divided

September 7th           1 Kings 12:25-33                King Jeroboam of Israel builds temples to worship idols

September 8th           1 Kings 14:1-20                   Ahijah prophesies God will bring disaster on Jeroboam

September 9th           1 Kings 14:21-31                King Rehoboam of Judah builds altars to Baal

September 10th        1 Kings 15:1-16                   King Asa of Judah burns the idols and Asherah poles

September 11th        1 Kings 15:25-29,17-24      Baasha kills Nadab and becomes King of Israel

September 12th        1 Kings 16:11-22                 Omri becomes King of Israel

September 13th        1 Kings 16:23-28                 King Omri of Israel builds a new capital at Samaria

September 14th        1 Kings 16:29-33                 King Ahab's wife Jezebel encourages Baal worship

September 15th        1 Kings 17:1-16                    Elijah prophesies a drought in Israel

September 16th        1 Kings 17:17-24                 Elijah brings a dead boy back to life

September 17th        1 Kings 18:1-9,15-21        Elijah challenges King Ahab

September 18th        1 Kings 18:22-40                 Elijah confronts the prophets of Baal

September 19th        1 Kings 18:41-46                 Elijah prophesies the end of the drought

September 20th        1 Kings 19:1-18                    The LORD appears to Elijah

September 21st         1 Kings 19:19-21                 Elisha becomes Elijah's helper

September 22nd        1 Kings 20:1-22                    King Ahab is attacked by Ben Hadad of Aram

September 23rd         1 Kings 21:1-16                    King Ahab seizes Naboth's vineyard

September 24th         1 Kings 21:17-29                 Elijah condemns King Ahab for killing Naboth

September 25th         1 Kings 22:1-40                    The death of King Ahab

September 26th         2 Kings 1:1-18                       Elijah confronts King Ahaziah

September 27th         2 Kings 2:1-15                       Elijah is taken up to heaven

September 28th         2 Kings 3:1-27                       Elisha prophesies the defeat of Moab

September 29th         2 Kings 2:19-22,4:1-7           Elisha performs miraculous deeds

September 30th         2 Kings 4:8-37                       Elisha brings a boy back to life

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