God chooses Cyrus to save his people

Isaiah 45:1-25   The author of the Book of Isaiah says that, although Cyrus (the King of Persia) does not acknowledge the one true God, the LORD will use him to set the Jewish exiles in Babylonia free and re-build Jerusalem.

Statue of Cyrus the great at Olympic Park in Sydney (Siamax






Statue of Cyrus the Great
in Olympic Park, Sydney






"I will bring Cyrus to do good things, and I will make his work easy. He will rebuild my city and set my people free without any payment or reward." (Isaiah 45:13)

Isaiah 46:1-13   The false gods of Babylonia are useless. "Bel and Nebo bow down. Their idols are carried by animals. The statues are only heavy loads that must be carried; they only make people tired." (Isaiah 46:1)

Isaiah 47:1-15   God promises to destroy Babylon, where the Jews are in exile. "You do evil things, but you feel safe and say, 'No one sees what I do.'... But troubles will come to you, and you will not know how to stop them." (Isaiah 47:10-11)

Isaiah 48:1-15   The LORD is greater than the false gods of Babylon, and Babylonia itself will one day be destroyed. "The LORD has chosen someone to attack the Babylonians; he will carry out his wishes against Babylon." (Isaiah 48:14)

Isaiah 48:16-22   So the people of Israel and Judah should rely on their God. "Tell this news with shouts of joy to the people... Say, 'The LORD has saved his servants, the people of Jacob.'" (Isaiah 48:20)

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