29 Oct. Daniel 7:1-9,11-14,16-18

29 Oct. Daniel has a vision of “one like a son of man”

“In Belshazzar’s first year as king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream. He saw visions as he was lying on his bed, and he wrote down what he had dreamed.”

“Daniel said, ‘I saw my vision at night. In the vision the wind was blowing from all four directions, which made the sea very rough. I saw four huge animals come up from the sea, and each animal was different from the others.’”

“’The first animal looked like a lion, but had wings like an eagle. I watched this animal until its wings were torn off. It was lifted from the ground so that it stood up on two feet like a human, and it was given the mind of a human.’”

“’Then I saw a second animal before me that looked like a bear. It was raised up on one of its sides and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. It was told, “Get up and eat all the meat you want.”’”

“’After that, I looked, and there before me was another animal. This animal looked like a leopard with four wings on its back that looked like a bird’s wings. This animal had four heads and was given power to rule.’”

“’After that, in my vision at night I saw in front of me a fourth animal that was cruel, terrible and very strong. It had large iron teeth. It crushed and ate what it killed, and then it walked on whatever was left. This fourth animal was different from anything I had seen before, and it had ten horns.’…”

“As I looked, thrones were put in their places, and God, [the “Ancient of Days”] who has been alive for ever, sat on his throne. His clothes were white like snow, and the hair on his head was white like wool. His throne was made from fire, and the wheels of his throne were blazing with fire… Court was ready to begin, and the books were opened…’”

“’I kept watching until finally the fourth animal was killed. Its body was destroyed, and it was thrown into the burning fire. (The power and rule of the other animals had been taken from them, but they were permitted to live for a certain period of time.)’”

“In my vision at night I saw in front of me someone who looked like a human being [“one like a son of man”] coming on the clouds in the sky. He came near God, who has been alive for ever, and he was led to God. He was given authority, glory and the strength of a king. People of every tribe, nation and language will serve him. His rule will last for ever, and his kingdom will never be destroyed.’”

“’I, Daniel, was worried. The visions that went through my mind frightened me. I came near one of those standing there and asked what all this meant. So he told me and explained to me what these things meant.’”

“’”The four great animals are four kingdoms that will come from the earth. But the holy people who belong to the Most High God will receive the power to rule and will have the power to rule for ever, from now on.”’”

          (Daniel 7:1-7,9,11-14,16-18)



In today’s passage, Daniel had a vision of the ‘end times’ when the heavenly court will be convened, and the rulers of the earth will be judged according to their deeds. In his dream, four different powerful kingdoms were personified by violent animals, and these kings were brought before God to answer for their brutal actions.

In the heavenly court, Daniel saw the "Ancient of Days" (a Jewish name for God) seated on his throne in heaven. His clothes were white as snow, indicating his purity and goodness, while his hair was as white as wool, showing his great antiquity.

Then “one like a son of man” (someone who looks like a human being) approached the “Ancient of Days” and was given authority and sovereign power. All nations would worship him and his kingdom would never end.

Many Jews subsequently interpreted this vision as a prophesy relating to the promised ‘Messiah’. Christians later interpreted it as a reference to Jesus, the ‘Christ’ or anointed one, whose kingdom would have no end.

The photo shows a Persian official on a relief from the Palace of Darius at Persepolis (in the British Museum).

You can read more about Daniel’s dreams and visions @ https://www.thebiblejourney.org/biblejourney2/34-exile-in-babylonia-amp-the-journey-back-to-jerusalem/daniels-vision-of-the-son-of-man/

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