March Old Testament readings

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March 1st                Exodus 2:1-10               Moses is rescued by the pharaoh's daughter

March 2nd              Exodus 2:11-15             Moses is forced to flee from Egypt

March 3rd               Exodus 2:16-22             Moses settles in Midian

March 4th               Exodus 3:1-10                Moses meets God in a burning bush

March 5th               Exodus 3:11-20             God reveals his personal name to Moses

March 6th               Exodus 4:1-17                God supplies Moses with proofs of his power

March 7th               Exodus 4:18-31             Moses and Aaron return to Egypt

March 8th               Exodus 5:1-21                 Moses and Aaron address the king of Egypt

March 9th               Exodus 5:22-6:9            Moses complains to God

March 10th             Exodus 7:14-21             God sends ten plagues upon Egypt

March 11th             Exodus 11:1-10             The death of the firstborn of Egypt

March 12th             Exodus 12:1-17             The first Passover

March 13th             Exodus 12:21-30           God punishes the Egyptians on the first Passover

March 14th             Exodus 12:29-40           The Israelites flee from Egypt

March 15th             Exodus 13:17-14:4         God goes before the Israelites in a pillar of cloud and fire

March 16th             Exodus 14:5-31             The Israelites cross the Reed Sea and escape from Egypt

March 17th             Exodus 15:1-27             The Israelites cross the Desert of Shur to Elim

March 18th             Exodus 16:1-18,31          God sends quail and manna to feed the Israelites

March 19th             Exodus 17:1-7                God provides water in the desert at Rephidim

March 20th             Exodus 17:8-16             God helps the Israelites to defeat the Amalekites

March 21st             Exodus 18:1-27              Moses' father-in-law gives him some good advice

March 22nd            Exodus 19:1-11,14-19      The Israelites prepare to meet God on Mt Sinai

March 23rd             Exodus 20:1-20               God delivers the Ten Commandments to Moses

March 24th             Exodus 21:1-23:17        Moses receives further religious laws and guidance

March 25th             Exodus 24:12-18             God promises Moses two stone tablets containing the Law

March 26th             Exodus 25:1-26:33         Moses is told to construct the Ark of the Covenant

March 27th             Exodus 32:1-20                The Israelites worship a golden calf

March 28th             Exodus 32:21-35              Moses orders the Levites to stop the disarray

March 29th             Exodus 34:1-22,27-29        Moses receives two new tablets of stone

March 30th             Exodus 40:1-21,33-36         Moses sets up the holy tent to meet with God

March 31st             Leviticus 1:1-14:4          Leviticus - the book of religious laws for the Levites of Israel

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