July Old Testament readings

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July 1st              1 Samuel 12:1-25            Saul reminds the Israelites of God's blessings

July 2nd             1 Samuel 13:2-7              Jonathan demolishes the Philistine pillar at Geba

July 3rd              1 Samuel 13:8-15           Samuel condemns Saul at Gilgal

July 4th              1 Samuel 14:1-23            Jonathan defeats the Philistines at Michmash

July 5th              1 Samuel 14:24-46         Jonathan is saved by the Israelite army

July 6th              1 Samuel 14:47-15:19        Saul defeats the enemies of Israel

July 7th              1 Samuel 15:10-31        Saul is rejected by God for disobedience

July 8th              1 Samuel 16:1-13           Samuel anoints David as King of Israel

July 9th              1 Samuel 16:14-23        David joins the royal court of King Saul at Gibeah

July 10th            1 Samuel 17:1-52          David kills the Philistine champion Goliath of Gath

July 11th            1 Samuel 17:57-58,18:1-16      Saul becomes jealous of David

July 12th            1 Samuel 18:17-29        David becomes the king's son-in-law

July 13th            1 Samuel 19:1-18           Saul attempts to kill David

July 14th            1 Samuel 20:1-47           Jonathan warns David of Saul's deadly intentions

July 15th            1 Samuel 21:1-9              David flees to the sanctuary at Nob

July 16th            1 Samuel 21:10-12,22:1-5      David's family seek refuge in Moab

July 17th            1 Samuel 22:6-19           Saul kills the priests of Nob for helping David

July 18th            1 Samuel 23:1-13           David defeats the Philistines at Keilah

July 19th            1 Samuel 24:1-22           David spares Saul's life at En Gedi

July 20th            1 Samuel 25:1-44           Samuel dies and David marries Abigail

July 21st            1 Samuel 26:1-25            David spares Sau'ls life again

July 22nd           1 Samuel 27:1-12            David and his men become Philistine mercenaries

July 23rd            1 Samuel 28:1-20            Saul consults a medium at Endor

July 24th            1 Samuel 29:1-11            The Philistines attack the Israelites in the Valley of Jezreel

July 25th            1 Samuel 30:1-31            David defeats the Amalekites who had raided Ziklag

July 26th            1 Samuel 31:1-13            Jonathan is killed and Saul takes his own life

July 27th            2 Samuel 1:1-16               David hears about Saul's death

July 28th            2 Samuel 2:1-7                  David becomes King of Judah

July 29th            2 Samuel 2:8-17               War breaks out between Judah and Israel

July 30th            2 Samuel 3:1,6-21           Abner joins David's supporters

July 31st            2 Samuel 3:22-32            Joab kills Abner

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