Prophecies written before the fall of Jerusalem

Isaiah 1:1   Isaiah prophesies to the people of Judah during the reigns of Uzziah (Azariah) (767-737BC), Jotham (747-731BC), Ahaz (731-716BC) and Hezekiah (727-699BC) (see 2 Kings 15:1-7, 15:32-16:20, 18:1-20:21).

Isaiah 1:4   In his vision, Isaiah rebukes the people of Judah for their rebellion against the LORD. “How terrible! Israel is a nation of sin, a people loaded down with guilt., a group of children doing evil, children who are full of evil. They have left the LORD; they hate God, the Holy One of Israel, and have turned away from him as if he were a stranger." (Isaiah 1:4)

Isaiah 1:11-13   The LORD rejects their sacrifices. “I do not want all these sacrifices. I have had enough of your burnt sacrifices of rams and fat from fine animals. I am not pleased by the blood of bulls, lambs and goats. You come to meet with me, but who asked you to do all this running in and out of my Temple's rooms? Don't continue bringing me worthless sacrifices! I hate the incense you burn. I can't stand your New Moons, Sabbaths and other feast days. I can't stand the evil you do in your holy meetings." (Isaiah 1:11-13)


Lunar eclipse Blood Red Moon at Montreal on 27th September 2015 (Yang Cao)_1040560~01

"I cannot stand your New Moon festivals..."  (Isaiah 1:13)   (Yang Cao)


Isaiah 1:16-17   The LORD calls for repentence. “Wash yourselves and make yourselves clean. Stop doing all the evil things I see you do. Stop doing wrong. Learn to do good. Seek justice. Punish those who hurt others. Help the orphans. Stand up for the rights of widows." (Isaiah 1:16-17)

Isaiah 1:18   He promises to forgive his people. “Come, let us talk about these things. Though your sins are bright red, they can be as white as snow. Though your sins are deep red, they can be white like wool." (Isaiah 1:18)

Isaiah 1:22-23   But the LORD also demands justice. “Jerusalem, you have become like the scum left when silver is purified; you are like wine mixed with water. Your rulers are rebels and friends of thieves. They all accept money for doing wrong, and they are paid to cheat people. They don't seek justice for the orphans or listen to the widows' needs." (Isaiah 1:22-23)

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