May Old Testament readings

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May 1st                 Joshua 9:1-27              Joshua is deceived by the Hivites of Gibeon

May 2nd                Joshua 10:1-28          Joshua defeats five Amorite kings

May 3rd                 Joshua 10:29-43        Joshua conquers the southern cities of Canaan

May 4th                 Joshua 11:1-14          Joshua embarks on the Northern Campaign in Canaan

May 5th                 Joshua 13:1-8,14:1-4,18:1        Canaan is divided among the twelve tribes of Israel

May 6th                 Joshua 20:1-9             Six 'cities of refuge' are set up by the Israelites

May 7th                 Joshua 22:1-16,21,28,30-34     The tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh return home

May 8th                 Joshua 23:1-16,24:14-16,22-27      Joshua gives a farewell speech to the Israelites

May 9th                 Joshua 26:29-33        Joshua dies and Joseph's bones are buried at Shechem

May 10th               Judges 1:1-11,17-19      The Israelites attack Besek, Jerusalem and Hebron

May 11th               Judges 2:1-5,10-15         The Israelites worship Baal and Ashtoreth

May 12th               Judges 2:16-23          God chooses inspirational leaders to save his people

May 13th               Judges 3:5-11             Othniel defeats the King of Mesopotamia

May 14th               Judges 3:12-30          Ehud defeats King Eglon of Moab

May 15th               Judges 4:1-24,5:31         Deborah and Barak defeat Sisera

May 16th               Judges 6:1-27             Gideon destroys the altar of Baal

May 17th               Judges 6:33-40          Gideon puts out a fleece to ask for a sign from God

May 18th               Judges 7:1-25             Gideon defeats the Midianites at Mount Gilboa

May 19th               Judges 8:4-28             Gideon is asked to become King of Israel

May 20th               Judges 8:29-9:21      Abimelech becomes the first king of Israel

May 21st               Judges 9:22-49           Abimelech crushes Gaal's rebellion and destroys Shechem

May 22nd              Judges 9:50-57           The death of Abimelech, the first king of Israel

May 23rd               Judges 10:1-16           Tola and Jair lead the Israelites

May 24th               Judges 10:17-11:33      Jephthah defeats the Amorites

May 25th               Judges 11:30-31,34-40      Jephthah sacrifices his own daughter

May 26th               Judges 12:1-6               War breaks out between the Israelite tribes

May 27th               Judges 12:7-15,13:1      Izban, Elon and Abdon lead Israel

May 28th               Judges 13:2-25            Samson is brought up as a Nazirite

May 29th               Judges 14:1-11            Samson kills a lion and marries a Philistine woman

May 30th               Judges 14:12-20         Samson sets a riddle for his partygoers to solve

May 31st               Judges 15:1-8                Samson destroys the Philistine grain harvest

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