October Old Testament readings

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October 1st         2 Kings 4:38-44                       Elisha feeds a hundred people with twenty loaves

October 2nd        2 Kings 5:1-15                         Elisha heals Naaman's leprosy

October 3rd         2 Kings 6:8-23                         Elisha uses a word of knowledge to warn King Joram

October 4th         2 Kings 8:7-15                         Elisha prophesies that Hazael will become King of Aram

October 5th         2 Kings 9:1-25                         Jehu becomes King of Israel

October 6th         2 Kings 9:30-37                      The death of Jezebel

October 7th         2 Kings 12:1-12                      King Joash repairs the Temple in Jerusalem

October 8th         2 Kings 13:1-9                         King Jehoahaz is saved from the Arameans

October 9th         2 Kings 13:14-21                   The death of Elisha

October 10th       2 Kings 14:23-29                   Jeroboam II restores the boundaries of Israel

October 11th       2 Kings 15:19-20,16:15-18      Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria invades Israel

October 12th       2 Kings 17:1-18                      Israel falls and the Israelites are led to Assyria

October 13th       2 Kings 17:24-34                    Assyrians settle in Samaria

October 14th       2 Kings 18:1-8                         King Hezekiah of Judah rebels against Assyria

October 15th       2 Kings 18:13-21,28-31,36         Sennacherib attacks and destroys Lachish

October 16th       2 Kings 19:1-10,19-20,32-36      Isaiah prophesies that the Assyrians will return home

October 17th       2 Kings 20:1-11                       Isaiah heals King Hezekiah with a fig poultice

October 18th       2 Kings 20:12-21                    Isaiah prophesies the destruction of Judah

October 19th       2 Kings 22:1-13                       King Josiah rediscovers the Book of the Law

October 20th       2 Kings 23:1-4,8-11,21-25        The people renew the Covenant and celebrate Passover

October 21st       2 Kings 23:29-37                    Assyria is conquered by the Babylonians

October 22nd      2 Kings 24:1-7                         King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon invades Judah

October 23rd       2 Kings 24:8-18                      King Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem

October 24th       2 Kings 25:1-21                      Zedekiah rebels and Judah is led into exile

October 25th       Daniel 1:1-17                           Daniel is trained in the royal court of Babylon

October 26th       Daniel 3:9-15,19-20,24-30      Daniel's friends refuse to worship a gold statue

October 27th       Daniel 5:1-13,16-18,20-31      Daniel interprets the writing on the wall

October 28th       Daniel 6:1-11,16-17,19-23      Daniel is flung into a den of lions

October 29th       Daniel 7:1-9,11-14,16-18         Daniel has a vision of "one like a son of man"

October 30th       Daniel 11:1-9                          Daniel is told the Persian Empire will be overthrown  

October 31st       Daniel 12:1-13                       Daniel has a vision of the "end times"

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