Your Own Journey

In the final journey of the New Testament, John has a picture of a new world where God lives for ever among those who welcome him as king (see Revelation 21:1-4).

If you'd like to set off on your own journey with God, why not tell him you're sorry for rejecting his ways in the past, and ask him to be king in your heart now. You can talk to him as your heavenly father by praying silently or out loud anywhere and anytime.

Invite Jesus to enter into your own life, like Simon Peter (Mark 1:16-18), Saul (Paul) (Acts 9:17-18), Cornelius's family (Acts 10:34-48) and millions more.

Ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit so you can feel his presence with you every day.

Church at Antioch





A church at Antioch - where the believers
were first called 'Christians' (Acts 11:26)


Where to go from here

Tell someone about your decision to ask Jesus into your life.

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