Pharaoh Shoshenk I rescues Israel

2 Kings 13:1-9   Jehoahaz succeeds Jehu as King of Israel in 813BC. For much of Jehoahaz’s reign, Israel is under the lordship of King Hazael of Aram (Syria), who conquers much of Israel. But in 802BC, the LORD sends a leader who saves them from the Syrians - Pharaoh Shoshenk I, the King of Egypt, who pushes the Arameans back during a campaign ranging across Gilead and Bashan to the Jezreel Valley and the Plain of Sharon. These military successes across northern Israel are recorded on the southern outer wall of the Hypostyle Hall adjacent to the Bubastite Portal at Karnak Temple.


Karnak - Shoshenk's victory list

Pharaoh Shoshenk's victory list at Karnak Temple


2 Kings 13:10-25 Jehoahaz is succeeded by his son Jehoash as King of Israel in 797BC. He turns away from the LORD and wages war against Amaziah, King of Judah. During the reign of Jehoash (797-783BC), the prophet Elisha dies.

2 Kings 14:1-16 King Jehoash of Israel defeats King Amaziah of Judah at Beth Shemesh. Jehoash then sacks Jerusalem and destroys the city wall from the Ephraim Gate to the Corner Gate before returning to Samaria.

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