The Israelites defeat King Sihon and King Og

Num 21:21    When the Israelites reach Kedemoth, they send messengers to King Sihon - the king of the Amorites who is occupying the northern area of Moab - requesting safe passage though his territory (see also Deuteronomy 2:26-28) (see 1 on Map 46).


Victory over King Sihon & King Og

Map 46    Victory over King Sihon and King Og


Num 21:22    They assure him that they will travel along the King's Highway (see Map 46), and they promise not to plunder the fields and vineyards alongside the road.

Num 21:23-24    King Sihon refuses and attacks the Israelites at Jahaz. The Israelites defeat the Amorites and occupy the land of northern Moab from the River Arnon (the Wadi Mujib) to the River Jabbok (the River Zarqa) (see Map 46).

Valley of the River Jabbok

Valley of the River Jabbok  (Jim Greenhill)

Num 21:25-32    All the Amorite cities, including Heshbon (Tell Hisban, 12 miles / 19 km southwest of Amman) and Jazer are captured.

Num 21:33-35    As the Israelites continue to move north, King Og of Bashan is defeated at Edrei (see 2 on Map 46). The Israelites then occupy all the land of Gilead and Bashan from the River Arnon to Mt Hermon (see also Deuteronomy 4:48).

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