January New Testament readings

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January 1st                John 2:1-11                   Jesus displays miraculous powers of creation

January 2nd               Luke 4:14-30                Jesus provokes fury in Nazareth

January 3rd                Luke 4:31-37               Good against bad - the Holy Spirit conquers an evil spirit

January 4th                John 3:1-7                      A Jewish Council member is told to be "born again".

January 5th                John 3:9-19                   God's only Son says "you're not guilty" to his followers

January 6th                John 4:1-9                      Spiritual thirst in Samaria - the home of the 'Good Samaritan'

January 7th                John 4:7-13                   Jesus offers 'living water' and eternal life

January 8th                John 4:15-26               Jesus declares he is the 'Messiah'

January 9th                Mark 1:14-15              Jesus announces a 'kairos moment' 

January 10th             John 4:43-53                A top government official becomes a follower of Jesus

January 11th              Luke 7:11-17               Jesus brings a dead son back to life

January 12th              Mark 1:16-20              Jesus recruits his friends from the BarJonas & BarZebedee families

January 13th              Mark 1:21-27              Jesus tells an evil spirit where to go!

January 14th              Mark 1:29-34              Jesus heals Simon 'Rocky' BarJonas's mother-in-law

January 15th              Mark 1:35-42              Jesus's guidelines for life: Pray, Preach, Heal

January 16th              Matthew 4:25-5:10    Jesus teaches people how to be blessed by God

January 17th              Matthew 5:13               Dead Sea salt brings life!

January 18th              Matthew 5:14-16       Christians reflect the brightness of God's glory

January 19th              Matthew 5:38-48       Forgiveness - the key to making and keeping friends

January 20th              Matthew 6:5-13         Jesus's guidelines for prayer

Januery 21st              Matthew 6:19-24       What do YOU worship?

January 22nd             Matthew 7:1-5            Are you quick to judge others?

January 23rd              Matthew 7:7-12         Ask God for what you NEED (not for what you WANT)!

January 24th              Matthew 7:13-14      Have you been 'to hell and back'?

January 25th              Matthew 7:24-29      Building your life on solid foundations

Januery 26th              Mark 2:1-6                     A man drops in (through the roof) to see Jesus

January 27th              Mark 2:13-17              Jesus dines with supporters of 'the enemy'

January 28th              Mark 2:21-22              New wine needs a new container

January 29th              Mark 2:23-27              The Sabbath is a special day for our benefit

January 30th              Mark 3:7-12                 Non-Jewish foreigners flock to hear a Jewish preacher

January 31st              Mark 3:13-19               Who were Jesus's followers?

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