March New Testament readings

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March 1st                John 7:14-24               Don't judge by the way things appear

March 2nd              John 7:37-44               Rivers of living water flowing from the heart

March 3rd              John 7:44-52               Nicodemus is ridiculed for supporting Jesus

March 4th               John 8:12-20               The light of the world shines in the darkness

March 5th               John 8:21-59               Jesus uses God's own personal name

March 6th               John 9:1-34                  Seeing is believing

March 7th               Mark 9:42-43              Jesus teaches about children and 'hell'

March 8th               Luke 10:25-37            Why is the story of the 'good Samaritan' so relevant today?

March 9th               Luke 15:11-24            The story of the wayward teenager

March 10th             Luke 15:25-32            Do honest people resent it when God forgives wrongdoers?

March 11th             Luke 17:20-21            Where is the kingdom of God?

March 12th             John 10:1-10               Jesus - the door to life in all it fullness

March 13th             John 10:11-18            Jesus - the good shepherd who gives his life for the sheep

March 14th             John 10:22-33            Jesus states clearly: "The Father and I are one"

March 15th             John 10:40-11:11     Jesus escapes from Jerusalem

March 16th             John 11:17-44            Jesus raises a dead man back to life

March 17th             John 11:45-54            The Jewish chief priests plot to kill Jesus

March 18th             Luke 19:1-10               Jesus fights the battle of Jericho's prejudice

March 19th             Mark 11:1-7                Jesus borrows a colt from Bethany rent-a-donkey

March 20th             Luke 19:28,35-40       Jesus descends the Mount of Olives towards Jerusalem

March 21st             Luke 19:41-44             Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

March 22nd            John 12:12-19             Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey

March 23rd             Mark 11:12-14,20-24      Why did Jesus curse a fig tree?

March 24th             Mark 11:15-19             Jesus heralds the end of the Jewish sacrificial system

March 25th             Mark 11:27-33             The chief priests question Jesus's authority

March 26th             Matthew 23:1-28           Jesus teaches in Jerusalem during Passover week

March 27th             Matthew 25:31-46        Jesus tells a parable about God's justice

March 28th             Mark 12:1-12                Jesus tells a story about tenants in a vineyard

March 29th             Mark 12:13-17             Should Jews in Palestine pay taxes to the occupying power?

March 30th             Mark 12:18-27             What happens when we die?

March 31st             Mark 12:28-34             Which is the most important commandment?

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