12. Paul's Journey to Rome

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Paul returns to Jerusalem
where he meets with
violent opposition
Convent on the sit of the Antonia Fortress
Paul addresses the crowds
in the Temple courtyard
below the Antonia Fortress

The Roman theatre at Caesarea
Paul is taken to Caesarea
where he is detained
by the Roman Governor

Map of Paul's Journey to Rome
Paul refuses to travel
to Jerusalem & appeals
to the Roman Emperor
Roman harbour at Caesarea
Paul explains his faith
in Jesus to King Agrippa

& Governor Festus
Roman port at Elaiussa Sebaste
Paul sets sail for Rome
via the small ports on the
coast of Cilicia & Pamphylia
St Paul's Bay, Malta
Paul is shipwrecked
on the south coast
of the island of Malta
Paul's prison below a church in Rabat
Paul spends the winter
healing the sick on
the island of Malta

Temple of Castor and Pollux, Rome
Paul embarks on a ship with
Castor & Pollux on the prow,
and sails for Rome

Temple of Concord, Rome
Paul is placed under
house arrest to await an
audience with Emperor Nero
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