April Old Testament readings

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April 1st                Numbers 1:1-2:34           The Book of Numbers - the people of Israel are counted

April 2nd              Numbers 16:11-11:35        The Israelites move on to the Desert of Paran

April 3rd               Numbers 12:1-16             Miriam and Aaron criticise Moses

April 4th               Numbers 13:1-33              Moses sends spies to explore Canaan

April 5th               Numbers 14:1-38              The Israelites are condemned to 40 years in the desert

April 6th               Numbers 14:41-45            The Israelites' first attempt to enter Canaan fails

April 7th               Numbers 16:1-40               Korah leads a rebellion against Moses and Aaron

April 8th               Numbers 16:41-17:11        Aaron saves the people of Israel

April 9th               Numbers 20:1-13               The Israelites stay at the oasis of Kadesh Barnea

April 10th            Numbers 20:14-21:4        The Israelites' second attempt to enter Canaan fails

April 11th            Numbers 21:4-9                  Moses erects a bronze snake to heal the Israelites

April 12th            Numbers 21:10-20            The Israelites journey north to Moab

April 13th            Numbers 21:21-35             The Israelites defeat King Sihon and occupy Gilead

April 14th            Numbers 22:11-24:35        Balaam blesses the Israelites

April 15th            Numbers 25:1-18               The Israelites worship the Baal at Mount Peor

April 16th            Numbers 26:1-65               The Israelites hold a second census in Moab

April 17th            Numbers 27:12-23             Moses appoints Joshua as the new leader of Israel

April 18th            Numbers 31:1-16,25-31      The Israelites defeat the kings of Midian

April 19th            Numbers 32:1-38                The tribes of Reuben and Gad try to opt out of fighting

April 20th            Numbers 34:1-18,35:1-12     The Israelites agree the boundaries of the 'promised land'

April 21st             Deuteronomy 8:1-11         Deuteronomy - religious laws and a fruitful promise

April 22nd           Deuteronomy 34:1-12      Moses dies at Mount Nebo

April 23rd            Joshua 1:1-15               The Israelites prepare to cross the River Jordan

April 24th            Joshua 2:1-24               Joshua sends spies to reconnoitre Jericho's defences

April 25th            Joshua 3:1-17               The Israelites cross the River Jordan

April 26th            Joshua 4:1-24,5:1         The Israelites build a stone circle to claim the land

April 27th            Joshua 6:1-27               The Israelites capture and destroy Jericho

April 28th            Joshua 7:1-26               The Israelites' first attack on Ai fails

April 29th            Joshua 8:1-29               The Israelites attack and destroy Ai

April 30th            Joshua 8:30-35            Joshua builds an altar on Mount Ebal

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