December New Testament readings

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December 1st          Luke 1:5-20                      The Angel Gabriel reveals John's mission

December 2nd        Luke 1:26,39-56             Mary stays with Zechariah and Elizabeth

December 3rd         Luke 1:57-80                    The significance of the birth of John the Baptist

December 4th         Luke 3:1-16                        John prepares the way for the Lord

December 5th         Luke 3:15-20                     Who was the 'Messiah' the Jews expected?

December 6th         Mark 1:1-8                          The opening words of St Mark's Gospel

December 7th         Matt.3:13-17,Jn.1:28-34      Why John baptised Jesus at Bethany beyond the Jordan

December 8th         Mark 6:14-29                    Herod Antipas thinks Jesus is John risen from the dead

December 9th         Matthew 11:2-15            Was John the promised Elijah announcing the Messiah?

December 10th     Luke 1:26-38                       Jesus's birth announcement has amazing claims

December 11th     Luke 2:1-5                             Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem?

December 12th     Luke 2:6-7                              Where did Mary and Joseph stay in Bethlehem?

December 13th     Matt.1:1-17,22-23           How do we know that Jesus's birth was unique?

December 14th     Luke 2:8-14                          The shepherds are amazed to see the 'glory' of God

December 15th     Luke 2:15-20                       Shepherds worship the infant king

December 16th     Luke 2:21-24                       Jewish rituals following Jesus's birth

December 17th     Luke 2:25-35                       Simeon recognises Jesus as the 'Messiah' or 'Christ'

December 18th     Matthew 2:1-6                   Foreign merchants bring exotic goods to Herod's palace

December 19th     Matthew 2:7-9                   The 'wise men' follow the star to Bethlehem

December 20th     Matthew 2:10-12             The wise men bring gifts to the King of the Jews

December 21st     Matthew 2:13-14              The Holy Family flees to Egypt

December 22nd    Matthew 2:14-15              What was Egypt like when Mary, Joseph and Jesus came?

December 23rd    Matthew 2:16-18                King Herod kills all the baby boys in Bethlehem

December 24th    Matthew 2:19-23                The Holy Family returns to Nazareth from Egypt

December 25th    John 1:1-14                             The coming of Jesus Christ into the world

December 26th    Luke 2:40-43                          Jesus grows up in a Jewish family 

December 27th    Luke 2:43-52                          Jesus escapes as a boy to his 'Father's house'

December 28th    Hebrews 1:1-4                       God speaks through his Son Jesus Christ

December 29th    Hebrews 3:1-4:1                  Jesus is greater than Moses

December 30th    Hebrews 4:14-5:6               Jesus is likened to a Jewish High Priest

December 31st    Hebrews 9:1-5,11-15        The Old and New Testaments compared


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