February New Testament readings

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February 1st               Mark 3:20-30             Jesus - Spirit of God or 'Lord of the Flies'?

February 2nd              Mark 4:1-8                   Jesus tells a story about planting seeds

February 3rd               Mark 4:30-34             What is the 'Kingdom of God' like?

February 4th               Mark 4:35-41             Jesus calms a storm

February 5th               Mark 5:1-15                Evil spirits enter 'unclean' animals

February 6th               Mark 5:21-43            Two stories with a common theme

February 7th               Mark 6:1-6                  People lack faith in a 'local boy made good'

February 8th              Mark 6:6-13                Jesus sends his twelve disciples to preach and heal the sick

February 9th              Mark 6:14-16             Was John the Baptist 'the promised Elijah'?

February 10th            John 5:1-18                 Jesus falls foul of the Jewish teachers of the Law

February 11th            Luke 11:1-4                 Jesus gives guidelines for prayer

February 12th            Luke 11:8-13              Jesus continues to teach about prayer

February 13th            Luke 12:13-21           Jesus warns against selfishness

February 14th            Mark 6:31-44             Jesus multiplies the loaves and fishes

February 15th            Mark 6:45-52            Who on earth is this person who defies the laws of nature?

February 16th            Mark 7:1-13               Going through religious rituals but lacking the Spirit's power

February 17th            Mark 7:24-30            Did Jesus insult a Gentile woman in Syria?

February 18th            Mark 7:31-36            Why did Jesus (a Jew) travel to foreign (Gentile) lands?

February 19th            Mark 8:11-21            The significance of bread

February 20th            Mark 8:22-29            Physical sight and Spiritual sight

February 21st            Mark 8:31-33            Jesus passes the point of no return

February 22nd           Mark 8:34-9:1          Do you give up things you want to build the kingdom of God?

February 23rd            Mark 9:2-9                 Jesus shines with the 'Glory of God'

February 24th            Mark 9:11-13           Jesus - the 'suffering servant' of God

February 25th            Mark 9:14-27           Jesus shows his followers how to cast out an evil spirit

February 26th            Mark 9:33-37           Jesus turns accepted values upside down

February 27th            Matthew 17:24-27    God supplies the money to pay Peter's tax bill

February 28th            Luke 17:11-19         A non-Jewish man from Palestine thanks Jesus

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