Ezekiel sees the glory of the LORD

Ezek 43:1-12   In his vision, Ezekiel sees the dazzling glory of the LORD (the ‘Shekinah’ - signifying the personal presence of God) returning to the Temple from the east (see Ezekiel 10.18-20 & 11:22-23 and Ezekiel's vision of idolatry in the Temple).


The dazzling glory of the LORD

Ezekiel sees the dazzling glory of the LORD returning to the Temple


Ezek 43:13-27  The new altar is consecrated by making burnt sacrifices of bulls, goats and rams.

Ezek 44:1-31   Ezekiel lays down rules for the new Temple. Because foreigners have desecrated the earlier Temple with idols, no Gentiles are to be allowed inside the Temple. Levites may serve in the Temple courtyards, but are not to be allowed into the most holy places. Only priests from the tribe of Levi are to conduct worship and enter the Most Holy Place.

Ezek 45:1-17  In addition to land for the Temple, land is to be set aside for housing in the new Jerusalem and for a royal estate. Everyone must use the prescribed weights and measures.

Ezek 45:18-25  In the new Jerusalem, the religious festivals of Passover and Shelters (Succoth) will be re-instated (see Major Jewish Religious Festivals).


Model of the Temple at the Holy Land Hotel, Jerusalem

Model of Jerusalem (foreground) and the Temple courtyards (background)


Ezek 46:1-24  The inner courtyard of the Temple is only to be opened to the public on the Sabbath and on New Moon festivals at the beginning of each lunar month. The restored monarch is to provide the prescribed sacrifices at these times.

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