January Old Testament readings

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January 1st                Genesis 1:1 - 2:3            The story of God's creation

January 2nd               Genesis 2:4-24               The story of God's creation (continued)

January 3rd                Genesis 2:8-17               God creates an earthly paradise 

January 4th                Genesis 3:1-23                Adam and Eve disobey God and end their idyllic life

January 5th                Genesis 4:1-16                Cain is punished for killing his brother

January 6th                Genesis 4:17-26             Who built the earliest city in Mesopotamia?

January 7th                Genesis 6:5-22                God decides to destroy the evil in the world

January 8th                Genesis 7:11-24             God sends a catastrophic flood

January 9th                Genesis 8:1-17                Noah journeys to Aratta on the flood

January 10th              Genesis 9:1-16                God makes a new agreement with mankind

January 11th              Genesis 10:1-12,32      The colonisation of the ancient world

January 12th              Genesis 11:1-9                Who built the Tower of Babylonia?

January 13th              Genesis 11:27,37.12:11-7    God makes a covenant agreement with Abram

January 14th              Genesis 12:6,8-20          Abram deceives the King of Egypt

January 15th              Genesis 13:1-18              Abram and Lot go their separate ways

January 16th              Genesis 14:8-20              Abram rescues Lot from captivity

January 17th              Genesis 15:1-11,17-21    God promises Abram he will have a son

January 18th              Genesis 16:1-16              Ishmael is born

January 19th              Genesis 17:1-16              God gives Abram a new name to signify a new agreement

January 20th              Genesis 18:1-16              Abraham has three mysterious visitors

January 21st               Genesis 19:1-26              God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah

January 22nd             Genesis 21:1-21              God fulfils his promise to Abraham

January 23rd              Genesis 22:1-18              God challenges Abraham over child sacrifice

January 24th              Genesis 23:1-19              Sarah dies and is buried at Hebron

January 25th              Genesis 24:1-61              Abraham seeks a wife for Isaac

January 26th              Genesis 24:61-67            Isaac meets Rebekah and falls in love

January 27th              Genesis 25:1-11              Abraham dies and is buried at Hebron

January 28th              Genesis 25:19-21,24-34    Jacob 'the trickster is born

January 29th              Genesis 26:1-9,12-15,23-25    Isaac moves to Beersheba

January 30th              Genesis 27:1-23,30-33,42-45    Jacob cheats Esau and flees to Haran

January 31st              Genesis 28:10-22            Jacob has an amazing dream at Bethel

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