June Old Testament readings

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June 1st               Judges 15:9-20           Samson kills a thousand Philistines with a donkey's jawbone

June 2nd             Judges 16:1-3              Samson destroys the city gates at Gaza

June 3rd              Judges 16:4-15           Samson falls in love with Delilah

June 4th              Judges 16:16-31        Samson destroys the Temple of Dagon at Gaza

June 5th              Judges 17:1-13            Micah makes an idol and appoints a Levite as a priest

June 6th              Judges 18:1-31            The tribe of Dan captures Laish

June 7th              Judges 19:1-30            The Israelite men of Gibeah gang rape a young woman

June 8th              Judges 20:1-48            The Israelites punish the Benjamites and destroy Gibeah

June 9th              Judges 21:1-23            The Israelites slaughter the men of Jabesh Gilead

June 10th           Job 1:1-22                       Job's faith is sorely tested

June 11th           Job 2:1-13                       Job's friends offer him sympathy

June 12th           Job 3:1-13:8                  Job's friends discuss why people suffer

June 13th           Job 38:1-42:17            God speaks to Job and restores his wealth

June 14th           Ruth 1:1-22                   Ruth returns to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law

June 15th           Ruth 2:1-23                   Ruth gathers grain in Boaz's field

June 16th           Ruth 3:1-18                   Boaz agrees to take care of Ruth

June 17th           Ruth 4:1-17                   Ruth marries Boaz

June 18th           1 Samuel 1:1-20            Samuel is born at Ramah

June 19th           1 Samuel 1:21-2:2        Samuel is dedicated to serve God

June 20th           1 Samuel 2:11-12,18-26      Samuel serves the LORD at Shiloh

June 21st           1 Samuel 3:1-21            God calls Samuel at Shiloh

June 22nd          1 Samuel 4:1-18            The Ark of the Covenant is captured at Aphek

June 23rd           1 Samuel 5:1-12            The Ark of the Covenant is taken to Ashdod, Gath and Ekron

June 24th           1 Samuel 6:1-21,7:1      The Ark of the Covenant is returned to the Israelites

June 25th           1 Samuel 7:2-17             Samuel administers justice at Ramah

June 26th           1 Samuel 8:1-22             The Israelites ask Samuel for a king

June 27th           1 Samuel 9:1-27,10:1      Samuel anoints Saul as King of Israel

June 28th           1 Samuel 10:1-11            Saul is filled with the Holy Spirit

June 29th           1 Samuel 10:13-25          Saul is proclaimed King of Israel at Mizpah

June 30th           1 Samuel 11:1-15             Saul defeats the Ammonites at Jabesh Gilead

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