Jephthah defeats the Ammonites

Tola (c.1168 - c.1146BC) and Jair (c.1146 - c.1125BC)

Judg 10:1-5    Tola – from Shamir in the hill country of Ephraim - leads the people for twenty three years. He is followed by Jair of Gilead - who leads Israel for twenty two years.


Jephthah (c.1108 - c.1102BC)

Judg 10:5-18    The Israelites abandon the LORD and worship the Baals and Ashtoreth. As a consequence, the Philistines and Ammonites rule over Israel for eighteen years (c.1125 - c.1108BC).

Judg 10:17-11:31    Jephthah, son of Gilead, leads the Gileadite warriors against the Ammonite army camped in Gilead in c.1108BC (see 10 on Map 50). He leads the Israelites across Gilead and pushes the invaders back to Ammon (Amman).


An Ammonite watch tower in Amman (Ldud)

Remains of an Ammonite watch tower in Amman  (Ldud)


Judg 11:32-33    Jephthah defeats the Ammonites in twenty towns from Areor (Arair) to Minnith and as far as Abel Keramim.

Judg 11:34-40    Jephthah returns home to Mizpah in Gilead where he has vowed to sacrifice the first creature that comes out of his house – he expects one of the animals that has been sheltering indoors overnight, but he is met by his young daughter!

Judg 12:1-7    The Ephraimites rise in rebellion against Jephthah and the Gileadites, but are defeated and slaughtered as they try to cross the fords of the Jordan to the east of Jericho. Jephthah leads Israel for a further six years until he dies.


Ibzan (c.1102 - c.1097BC), Elon (c.1097 - c.1088BC) and Abdon (c.1088 - c.1081BC)

Judg 12:8-15    Ibzan of Bethlehem, Elon of Aijalon and Abdon of Pirathon lead Israel for seven, ten and eight years respectively.

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