April New Testament readings

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April 1st                Mark12:41-44            Jesus's radical teaching about wealth and giving

April 2nd              Mark 14:1-9                 Mary anoints Jesus with a sweet-smelling fragrance

April 3rd              Mark 14:13-16            Jesus prepares for his last Passover meal

April 4th              John 13:1-15                 Jesus provides a model of humility

April 5th              John 13:21-36              Jesus talks about his betrayal

April 6th              John 14:1-11                 Jesus says whoever has seen him has seen God

April 7th              John 14:15-26              Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit

April 8th              John 15:1-11                 Did you know you're like the branches of a vine?

April 9th              Mark 14:22-25             Jesus gives new meaning to bread and wine

April 10th            Mark 14:26-31            Jesus predicts his resurrection from the dead

April 11th            Mark 14:32-42            Jesus prays in the olive groves of Gethsemane

April 12th            Mark 14:43-52            Jesus is betrayed with a kiss

April 13th            John 18:12-14,19-24      Jesus is brought before Annas

April 14th            Mark 14:53-59            Jesus is tried by the Jewish Council

April 15th            Mark 14:60-65            Jesus admits he is the Christ, the Son of God

April 16th            Mark 14:66-72            Peter denies he knows Jesus

April 17th            Luke 23:1-11                Jesus is taken to the Roman governor's residence

April 18th            John 18:28-40             Pilate condemns Jesus to death

April 19th            Matthew 27:27-40       Jesus is executed by crucifixion

April 20th            Matthew 27:62-66       Jesus enters the world of the dead

April 21st            Matthew 28:1-10           Jesus rises from the dead

April 22nd           Luke 24:35-43            What kind of body did Jesus have after he rose from the dead?

April 23rd            John 20:24-29            Thomas worships Jesus as "My Lord and my God"

April 24th            John 21:1-13               The risen Lord Jesus cooks breakfast for his followers

April 25th            Matthew 28:16-20          Jesus talks to his followers in Galilee

April 26th            Luke 24:45-53            Jesus returns to his heavenly father

April 27th            1 Corinthians 15:1-9      Jesus appears to Peter, James and Paul

April 28th            John 21:20-25            John's gospel - an eyewitness account

April 29th            Acts 1:1-5                      Luke writes about the work of the Holy Spirit

April 30th            Acts 1:15-26               The believers choose a new 12th apostle


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