May New Testament readings

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May 1st                  Acts 2:1-4                   The Holy Spirit sets the followers on fire for Jesus

May 2nd                Acts 2:5-13                 Everyone hears the Good News about Jesus

May 3rd                 Acts 2:14-42              Peter explains the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

May 4th                 Acts 2:43-47              Jesus's followers support each other financially

May 5th                 Acts 3:1-10                 Peter and John heal a crippled man at the Temple

May 6th                 Acts 3:11-26              Peter explains that Jesus was the promised Messiah

May 7th                 Acts 4:1-31                 Peter & John speak boldly before the Jewish Council

May 8th                 Acts 4:32-5:11         Two followers die after lying to the Holy Spirit

May 9th                 Acts 5:12-16              People see signs and miracles and believe

May 10th               Acts 5:17-42             The apostles are imprisoned but won't be silenced

May 11th               Acts 6:1-7                   The apostles appoint assistants to distribute food to the poor

May 12th               Acts 6:8-15                Stephen is accused of antisemitism

May 13th               Acts 7:1-60                Stephen defends himself at the Jewish Council

May 14th               Acts 8:1,11:19-21      The followers of Jesus are dispersed by persecution

May 15th               Acts 8:2-8                   Philip spreads the message in Samaria

May 16th               Acts 8:9-13                Simon the magician seeks to follow Jesus

May 17th               Acts 8:14-25              Peter and John ask the Holy Spirit to fill the Samaritan believers

May 18th               Acts 8:26-40              Philip explains the scriptures to an Ethiopian Jew

May 19th               Acts 2:1-8:17             Peter spreads the Good News about Jesus

May 20th               Acts 9:32-43              Peter heals a paralysed man and raises a woman from the dead

May 21st               Acts 10:1-23               Peter, a Jew, is told by God to eat with non-Jews

May 22nd              Acts 10:23-48            A Roman army officer's family are filled with the Holy Spirit

May 23rd               Acts 11:1-18              The Jewish followers of Jesus accept that God loves non-Jews

May 24th               Acts 12:1-19              Peter is arrested and hands over the leadership to James

May 25th               Acts 7:58-8:3, 9:1-9      Saul (Paul) sees the 'glory' of the Lord Jesus near Damascus

May 26th               Acts 9:10-19              Saul (Paul) is filled with the Holy Spirit

May 27th               Galatians 1:11-2:2      Saul (Paul) spreads the Good News in Damascus and Tarsus

May 28th               Acts 11;19-26            Barnabas brings Paul to Antioch to teach the new believers

May 29th               Acts 11:27-13:3         Paul and Barnabas take aid from Antioch to Jerusalem

May 30th               Acts 13:1-5                 Paul sets off from Antioch on his 'first' missionary journey

May 31st               Acts 13:4-12               Paul rebukes Elymas and astonishes the Roman governor

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