9. Paul's Journey to Cyprus, Pamphylia & Galatia

Roman Port at Seleucia Pereia
Paul & Barnabas embark on 
their First Missionary Journey
from Seleucia Pereia
The Birth of Venus by Botticelli
They cross Cyprus to Paphos
- the reputed birthplace of the
Greek goddess Aphrodite

Roman Colonnaded Street at Perga
They sail across to Pamphylia
and spend some time at Perga
where Mark leaves them

Roman aqueduct at Antioch in Pisidia
Paul & Barnabas travel inland
across the Taurus Mountains
to Antioch in Pisidia
Shops in downtown Konya (Iconium)
They move on to Konya
where they
stay a long time
Garlanded bull at Ephesus
Paul & Barnabas arrive in Lystra
where they are mistaken for the
Greek gods Zeus & Hermes
Roman walls and harbour at Antalya (Attalia)
Paul & Barnabas travel back
to Perga and sail for home
from Antalya (Attalia)
Syrian Orthodox Church in Antioch in Syria
They report back to their
home church at
Antioch in Syria
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Paul & Barnabas attend the
Council of Jerusalem
discuss how to treat Gentiles
Shopping street at Antakya (Antioch in Syria)
Paul & Barnabas take the
leaders' decision back to the
Gentiles at Antioch in Syria
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