30 July 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

30 July. How Christians should behave

"Now, brothers and sisters, we ask you to appreciate those who work hard among you, who lead you in the Lord and teach you. Respect them with a very special love because of the work they do."

"Live in peace with each other. We ask you, brothers and sisters, to warn those who do not work. Encourage the people who are afraid. Help those who are weak. Be patient with everyone."

"Be sure that no one pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to do what is good for each other and for all people."

"Always be joyful. Pray continually, and give thanks whatever happens. This is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus."

"Do not hold back the work of the Holy Spirit. Do not treat prophesy as if it were unimportant. But test everything. Keep what is good, and stay away from everything that is evil."

"Now may God himself, the God of peace, make you pure, belonging only to him. May your whole self - spirit, soul and body - be kept safe and without fault when our Lord Jesus Christ comes..."

"Brothers and sisters, pray for us. Give each other a holy kiss when you meet."

"I tell you by the authority of the Lord to read this letter to all the believers."

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."

          (1 Thessalonians 5:12-28)



Paul finishes his First Letter to the Thessalonians by asking the believers to respect those who teach and pastor the church in Thessalonica. These early leaders would have been volunteers, and would not have been paid for their pastoral duties. Like Paul himself, they would have had a paid job in order to support themselves and their families.

Paul encourages the believers to do good, to help the weak and to stir up the idle. He insists that no one should pay back wrong for wrong, but always try to do what is good.

A happy smiling face can work wonders: “Always be joyful. Pray continually, and give thanks whatever happens” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Paul tells the believers not to hold back the work of the Holy Spirit by ignoring prophesy. If God tells you to do it, then do it! Test any word of prophesy to make sure it's in line with what God encourages believers to do, then act on it - and keep away from anything ‘evil’ that's contrary to God's nature!

And don't hold back a bit of yourself. Every part of you - spirit, soul and body - should be pure and holy as we wait for Jesus to return.

Paul ends his letter by sharing the 'grace' - the totally free and undeserved love - of Jesus with all the believers who hear his letter being read to them.

The photo shows the 5th century pulpit in the crypt of the church of Agios (Saint) Demetrios in Thessalonica.

You can read more from Paul's First Letter to the Thessalonians @ https://www.thebiblejourney.org/…/how-christians-should-be…/

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