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 Appointed as Moses' right-hand man
  Makes a golden bull idol
  Aaron's staff blossoms and produces almonds
  Dies at Mount Hor

    Is killed by his brother Cain

  Leads the Israelites for eight years

Abijah, King of Judah
  Wages war with Israel

Abimelech, King of Gerar
  Makes a treaty with Abraham at Beersheba
  Makes a treaty with Isaac at Beersheba

Abimelech, King of Shechem
Becomes the Israelite King of Shechem
  Burns down the Temple of Baal-Berith

Abram / Abraham
  Journeys to Canaan
  Settles in Canaan
  Rescues Lot from captivity
  Conceives his son Ishmael with his Egyptian slave girl
  His son Isaac is born
  Makes a sacrifice at Mount Moriah
  Buys Machpelah Cave to bury Sarah at Hebron 
  Secures an arranged marriage for Isaac
  Dies and is buried at Hebron

  Kills his brother Amnon and flees 
  Leads a rebellion against his father King David 
  Is killed by Joab at the Battle of Ephraim

  Creation and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

  An alternative to speaking God's personal name 

Adonai Tzvaot
  Name for God meaning 'The LORD of Hosts'

Ahab, King of Israel
  Succeeds his father Omri
  Marries Princess Jezebel of Sidon

  Builds a temple to Baal at Samaria
  Agrees a peace treaty with Ben-Hadad of Aram
  Seizes Naboth's vineyard at Samaria
  Joins forces with Ben-Hadad of Aram against King Shalmaneser III of Assyria 
  Allies with Jehoshaphat of Judah against Ben-Hadad of Aram 
  Killed at the siege of Ramoth-Gilead

Ahaz, King of Judah
  Sacrifices his son to the god Moloch 
  Fights King Pekah of Israel and King Rezin of Syria
  Asks for assistance from King Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria 
  Builds a new pagan altar in the Temple at Jerusalem 
  Isaiah gives a word from the LORD to King Ahaz

Ahaziah, Co-regent of Israel
  Consults Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron

Ahaziah, King of Judah
  Succeeds his father Jehoram as King of Judah

  Heretic Pharaoh of Egypt at the time of King David

Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia
  His conquest of the Persian Empire is foretold by Daniel 
   Defeats the Persian King Darius III at the Battle of Issus

Amaziah, King of Judah
  Succeeds his father Joash as King of Judah
  Is killed at Lachish

Amenemhat III, Pharaoh of Egypt
  Pharaoh Amenemhat III appoints Joseph as his Vizier
  He gives Jacob's family land at Avaris
  Makes Joseph his Vizier

  Denounces social injustice in Israel 
Warns that God will punish Israel for oppressing the poor

Prays with Saul (Paul) in Damascus

  Introduces Jesus to his brother Simon (Peter)
  Called to follow Jesus

Antiochus Epiphanes, King of Syria
Sets up an altar to Olympian Zeus in the Temple in Jerusalem
  Dedicates the Jewish Temple to the Greek God Zeus

  Stays with Aquila and Priscilla in Ephesus

Aquila and Priscilla
  Paul stays with them in Corinth
  They move to Ephesus
  They teach Apollos about the Holy Spirit
  Paul stays with them in Ephesus
  They return to Rome

Artaxerxes I, King of Persia
  Authorises Ezra to renew religious practices in Judah 
  Allows Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem with a fourth group of exiles

Asa, King of Judah
 Cuts down the Asherah poles
  Allies with Ben-Hadad, King of Aram

  Canaanite fertility goddess and wife of El

  Canaanite fertility goddess and consort of Baal

Athaliah, Queen of Judah
 Seizes power on the death of her son King Ahaziah

Azariah (Uzziah), King of Judah
  Succeeds his father Amaziah as King of Judah
  Is struck by leprosy
  'In the year King Uzziah died...'

  The god of the Canaanites

Baasha, King of Israel
  Builds a new capital at Tirzah

  Blesses the Israelites 

  Defeats Sisera of Hazor at Mt Tabor

  Sells land and gives proceeds to the poor
  Introduces Paul to Peter and James in Jerusalem
 Brings Paul from Tarsus to Antioch
 Takes famine relief to Jerusalem from Antioch with Paul
  Accompanies Paul on his 1st missionary journey
  Attends the Council of Jerusalem with Paul
  Travels to Cyprus with John Mark

  Marries King David

    A Babylonian god

Belshazzar, King of Babylonia
Asks Daniel to interpret the writing on the wall

Ben-Hadad III, King of Aram (Syria)
  Conquers northern Israel 
  Lays seige to Samaria
  Joins forces with Ahab of Israel against King Shalmaneser III of Assyria 
Fights against Ahab of Israel and Jehoshaphat of Judah
  Lays seige to Samaria 
  Murdered by Hazael

  Marries Ruth and becomes great-grandfather of King David

     Kills his brother Abel

  Spies out the 'promised land' of Canaan
  Conquers Hebron

Cambyses, King of Persia
  Sends a second group of exiles home to Judah

  The god of Moab

Cushan Rishathaim, King of Mesopotamia
  Rules over Israel

Cyrus II, King of Persia
  Overthrows the Babylonians 
  Orders the return of the Jewish exiles to Judah 
 God chooses Cyrus the save his people

   Is persecuted for his faith in Babylon 
Is trained in the Royal Court of Babylon

  Is thrown into a blazing furnace 
  Interprets the writing on the wall 
  Is flung into a den of lions 
  Has a vision of "one like a son of man" 
  Predicts the overthrow of the Persian Empire by Alexander the Great 
  Has a vision of the "Abomination of Desolation" set up in the Temple

Darius I, King of Persia
  Consolidates his control over the Persian Empire 
  Builds a new capital at Susa
  Authorises the completion of the Second Temple

Darius III, King of Persia
  Defeated by Alexander the Great at the Battle of Issus

David, King of Judah and Israel
  Anointed as King of Israel by Samuel 
  Joins King Saul's court at Gibeah 
  Defeats Goliath of Gath 
  Flees from Saul to Nob and Adullam 
  Spares Saul's life at En Gedi 
  Marries Abigail 
  Employed as a mercenary soldier by the King of Gath 
  Becomes King of Judah and Israel 
  Captures Jerusalem from the Jebusites 
  Brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem 
  Defeats the Ammonites at Rabbah 
Has an affair with Bathsheba 
  Flees from Absalom's rebellion to Mahanaim 
  Buys land for a temple on Mt Moriah 
  Psalms of King David

  Defeats King Jabin of Hazor

Djedneferre Dudimose, Pharaoh of Egypt
   The pharaoh who refuses to let the Israelites leave Egypt
  Tells Moses to take the Israelites and the plagues away
  Pursues the Israelites to the Sea of Reeds
  Pharaoh of the Exodus

Eglon, King of Moab
  Rules over Israel

Kills King Eglon of Moab

  Used as a name for the God of Israel

Elah, King of Israel
  Assassinated by Zimri

  Succeeds his father Aaron as Chief Priest
  Appoints Joshua to succeed Moses 

  Serves as priest at the sanctuary in Shiloh 
  Dies after his sons are killed in battle at Ebenezer

Elijah (Elias)
  Predicts a drought in Israel
  Restores the widow of Zarapheth's son to life
  Challenges the prophets of Baal
  Flees to Beersheba 
  Meets God on the summit of Mt Sinai 
  Anoints Jehu as King of Israel 
  Condemns King Ahab for killing Naboth
  Is taken up to heaven in a fiery chariot
  God promises to send Elijah before the Day of Judgement 

  Anointed by Elijah
  Crosses the River Jordan after Elijah is taken up to heaven
  Brings a boy back to life 
  Heals Naaman, the leprous commander of the King of Syria
  Prophesies the death of King Ben-Hadad of Syria
  Dies during the reign of King Jehoash of Israel

Elizabeth and Zechariah
  The Angel Gabriel announces the birth of their son John
  The birth of John the Baptist 

  Name used for the God of Israel

  Leads the Israelites for ten years

  Founds a city in Mesopotamia

  Twins Esau and Jacob born

  Jacob steals Esau's birthright
  Esau's descendents become kings of Edom

Esther, Queen of Persia
  Joins the harem of King Xerxes I and becomes Queen
  Pleads for the life of the Jewish people

    Creation and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

  Is taken captive from Jerusalem to Babylon 
  Introduction to the Book of Ezekiel 
e-enacts the seige of Jerusalem by drawing a map
  Ezekiel's vision of idolatry in the Temple 
  Ezekiel uses parables to talk about Israel & Judah 
  Ezekiel hears of the fall of Jerusalem in 587BC 
  Ezekiel has a vision of the Valley of the Dry Bones 
   Ezekiel prophesies the defeat of Gog and Magog 
  Ezekiel's vision of the New Jerusalem 

  Leads a third group of exiles back to Judah 
  Assembles the people to renew their covenant with God

  Paul defends himself before Governor Felix

  Governor Festus agrees to send Paul to Rome

  Leads a rebellion against Abimelech at Shechem

Gedeliah, Babylonian Governor of Judah
  Appointed Governor of Judah by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon 
  Assassinated by Ishmael at Mizpah 
  Refuses to believe the Judaeans are about to murder him

  Defeats the Midianites

  Killed by David in the Elah Valley

sks why God allows the cruel Babylonians to succeed 
  God appears to allow the cruel Babylonians to succeed 
  People everywhere will know the LORD's glory as water covers the sea

Hadad, King of Edom
  Refuses to pay tribute to King Solomon

  Gives birth to Abram's son Ishmael
  Wanders in the Desert of Paran

 Haggai urges the exiles to re-build the Temple

  Devises a plan to exterminate the Jewish people

  Delivers a false prophesy to King Zedekiah

  Visits the sanctuary at Shiloh and gives birth to Samuel

  Pharaoh of Egypt whose daughter married King Solomon

Hazael, King of Aram (Syria)
  Murders Ben-Hadad to become King of Aram (Syria)
  Conquers the land of Gilead
  Attacks Gath and Jerusalem
  Defeated by Pharaoh Shoshenk I of Egypt in northern Israel

Herod the Great, 'King of the Jews'
  Background and Family Tree
  Wise men visit Herod in Jerusalem
  Massacres the babies in Bethlehem
  Awarded the title 'King of the Jews' by the Romans

Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee and Peraea
  Background and family
  Imprisons John the Baptist
 Kills John the Baptist
  Jesus is sent before him by Pontius Pilate

Herod Agrippa I, King of Ituraea and Trachonitis
  Executes James (the brother of John) and imprisons Peter

Herod Agrippa II, King of Ituraea and Trachonitis
  Asks to hear Paul's case with Governor Festus

Hezekiak, King of Judah
Rebels against Assyria and fortifies Jerusalem
  Hezekiah prays to the LORD for deliverance from the Assyrians

  Builds a new settlement at Jericho

  Abraham buys a tomb at Hebron from Ephron the Hittite

  Egyptian pharoah who comes to the aid of Israel in 589BC

 Denounces social injustice in Israel
  Likens the unfaithfulness of God’s people to an unfaithful wife

Hoshea, King of Israel
  Deposes Pekah to become co-regent 
  Becomes sole king when Menahem dies 
  Pays tribute to King Shalmeneser V of Assyria
  Makes a treaty with Egypt and is seized by Shalmaneser

  Acts as an informer for King David

  Apointed ruler of Judaea by Roman Emperor Pompey

  Leads the Israelites for seven years

Isaac is born
  Goes with Abraham to Mount Moriah
  Falls in love with Rebekah
  Isaac's twin sons Esau and Jacob are born

  Makes a treaty with Abimelech at Beersheba
  Isaac is deceived by his son Jacob
  Isaac dies and is buried at Hebron

Prophesies the destruction of Israel and Judah
  Introduction to the Book of Isaiah 
  Prophecies written before the fall of Jerusalem 
  Isaiah predicts a future golden age 
  Isaiah reassures King Ahaz of God's support 
  Troubled times and a glorious future kingdom 
  Isaiah foresees the return of the exiles 
  Isaiah warns of six catastrophies 
  The final years before the fall of Judah
  Offers words of comfort after the fall of Jerusalem

Ishbosheth. King of Israel
  Declared King of Israel by Abner

  Abram's son Ishmael is born
  Ishmael grows up in the Wilderness of Paran

 Assassinates Gedeliah, the Babylonian Governor of Judah

Jabin, King of Hazor
  Rules over Israel

  Twins Esau and Jacob born

  Jacob deceives his father Isaac and flees to Haran
  He dreams of a staircase to heaven at Bethel
  He marries Leah and Rachel at Haran
He encounters angels at Mahanaim
  He wrestles with God at Peniel
  He makes peace with Esau
  He buys a family tomb at Shechem
  God blesses Jacob at Bethel
  Rachel dies near Bethlehem
  He gives Joseph a multi-coloured coat
  Jacob joins his son Joseph in Egypt
  Jacob dies and is buried at Hebron

  Leads the Israelites for twenty two years

James (the brother of Jesus)
 Jesus appears to James after his resurrection
  Peter hands him the leadership of the Jerusalem church
  Writes to the Jewish believers after Stephen's death
  Meets Saul in Jerusalem
  Chairs the Council of Jerusalem
  Receives offerings for the Jerusalem church from Paul

Jehoahaz, King of Israel
  Succeeds Jehu as King of Israel 

Jehoash, King of Israel
  Succeeds his father Jehoahaz as King of Israel
  Defeats King Amaziah, King of Judah, and sacks Jerusalem

Jehoiachin, King of Judah
  Surrenders to King Nebuchanezzar and is taken to Babylon 
xiled to Babylon with Ezekiel in 597 BC

Jehoiakim, King of Judah
  Becomes a vassal of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon 
  Rebels against King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

Jehoram, King of Judah
  Succeeds his father Jehoshaphat as King of Judah
  Loses Edom when they revolt

Jehoshaphat, King of Judah
  Aliies with Ahab of Israel against Ben-Hadad of Aram 
  Builds ships to trade with Ophar
Allies with Joram of Israel to fight King Mesha of Moab 

  Anglicised form of God's personal name YHWH

Jehu, King of Israel
  Anointed by Elijah 
  Races to Jezreel to depose King Joram of Israel 
  Kills King Amaziah of Judah and Queen Jezebel of Israel 
  Kills the prophets of Baal & destroys the Temple of Baal at Samaria 
  Pays tribute to Shalmaneser III of Assyria

  Defeats the Ammonites

  Prophesies against the unfaithfulness of the people of Judah 
  Flees to Egypt after the assassination of Gedeliah, Governor of Judah

  Warns the people of Judah of impending catastrophe 
  Prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem 
  Is beaten, arrested and charged with treason 
  Attempts to leave Jerusalem 
  Is taken to Egypt

Jeroboam I, King of Israel
  Builds temples to worship Baal

Jeroboam II, King of Israel
  Becomes King of Israel in accordance with Jonah's prophesy 
  Restores the boundaries of Israel to those during King David's reign

  Bar Mitzvah
  Early ministry in Galilee
  Jesus's ministry beyond Galilee
  Arrest & Trial
  Death & Resurrection


  Becomes Moses' father-in-law
  Visits Moses near Mt Sinai

Jezebel of Sidon, Queen of Israel
 Encourages Baal worship in Israel
  Killed by her eunuchs at Jezreel

Joash, King of Judah
  Destroys the Temple of Baal in Jerusalem 
  Carries out extensive repairs to Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem 
Is murdered by his officials at Beth Millo

  Job's faith is tested by adversity 

Joel prophesies that locusts will destroy the grain crops of Judah 
  Joel foresees the Day of the LORD 

  Forces Jeremiah and other Judaites to flee to Egypt

John the Baptist
  John's message
John's role

John (the brother of James)
  Called to follow Jesus
  Heals a crippled man with Peter at the Beautiful Gate
The author of John's Gospel
  Introduction to John's Letters
  Introduction to the Revelation of John

John Mark
  Sets out with Paul on his 1st missionary journey
  Returns from Perga to Jerusalem
  Accompanies Barnabas to Cyprus
  Stays with Paul in Rome and writes the Gospel of Mark
  The author of Mark's Gospel

  Prophesies that Jeroboam II will become King of Israel 
reaches a message of judgement to Ninevah, capital of Assyria
 Introduction to the Book of Jonah 
    Jonah is thrown overboard to appease the gods 
    Jonah arrives at Nineveh

  Destroys the Philistine pillar at Geba 
  Defeats the Philistines at Michmash Pass 
  Killed by the Philistines at Mt Gilboa

Joram (Jehoram), King of Israel
  Becomes co-regent with his father King Ahab
  Allies with Jehoshaphat of Judah to fight King Mesha of Moab
  Is wounded fighting King Hazael of Aram at Ramoth Gilead
  Is killed by Jehu at Jezreel

  Jacob and Rachel's son Joseph is born
  Joseph's tomb at Shechem is bought by Jacob
  Joseph is sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt
  Joseph becomes Vizier of Egypt
  Joseph is reunited with his brothers in Egypt

  Jacob's family joins Joseph in Egypt
  Joseph buries his father Jacob at Hebron
  Joseph dies and his body is embalmed in Egypt
  Joseph's bones are taken out of Egypt

Joseph of Arimathea
  Buries the body of Jesus in a new tomb

Josephus Flavius
  Jewish author of 'The Romano-Jewish War'

Josiah, King of Judah
  Ushers in religious reforms 
  Killed by Pharoah Neco of Egypt at Megiddo

  Spies out the 'promised land' of Canaan 
  Succeeds Moses as leader of the Israelites 
  Leads the Israelites into Canaan
  Conquers Jericho and Ai

  Reads the Law of Moses at Mt Ebal
  Is deceived by the Hivites of Gibeon
  Defeats King Jabin of Hazor
  Is buried in the hill country of Ephraim

Jotham, King of Judah
  Rules as co-regent with his leprous father Azariah (Uzziah)
  As king, re-builds the Upper Gateway of the Temple
  Fights against King Pekah of Israel and King Rezin of Syria

Judas Iscariot
  Offers to betray Jesus
  Sits beside Jesus at the Last Supper
 Betrays Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane 
  Kills himself at the Field of Blood

Judas Maccabaeus
  Re-dedicates the Jewish Temple after its defilement by Antiochus Epiphanes
  Leads the Jewish rebellion to retake control of Jerusalem

Khaneferre Sobekhotep IV, Pharaoh of Egypt
  The Pharaoh in whose household Prince Moses is raised 
  Father of the Egyptian princess who rescued Moses from the bulrushes

  Leads a rebellion against Moses

  Rachel's father makes peace with Jacob at Mizpah

  Raised from the dead by Jesus

  Sets out for Canaan with Abram

    Settles in the Jordan Valley
  Is captured by the four overlords
    Escapes from Sodom with his family

  Sails from Troas to Macedonia with Paul
  Visits Philippi with Paul
  Sails from Troas to Jerusalem with Paul
  Sails from Caesarea to Rome with Paul
  Stays with Paul in Rome
  The author of Luke's Gospel

  Baptised by Paul at Philippi

Malachi reprimands the priests for offering 'unclean' sacrifices 
  Malachi announces the Day of the LORD 

Marduk II, King of Babylon
Marduk sends envoys to Jerusalem

Mary and Joseph
Jesus's birth announced
  Journey to Bethlehem
   Birth of Jesus
  In the Temple at Jerusalem
  Flight to Egypt
  Return to Nazareth

Mary and Martha
 They ask Jesus to raise their brother from death
  Jesus stays overnight at Bethany
  Mary anoints Jesus with expensive perfume

Mary Magdalene
  Sees the risen Lord Jesus outside the tomb

Matthew (Levi)
  One of the twelve called to follow Jesus
  The author of Matthew's Gospel

Melchizedek, King of Salem (Jerusalem)
 Blesses Abram at Jerusalem

Menahem, King of Israel
  Murders Shallum and seizes the throne
  Pays off King Tiglath-Pileser III of Assyria 
  Appoints his son Pekaniah as co-regent
  Dies, leaving Hoshea as sole King of Israel

Manasseh, King of Judah
  Sacrifices his son to the pagan god Moloch

  A Babylonian god

  Cared for by King David

Mesha, King of Moab
  Refuses to pay tribute to King Joram of Israel 
  Sacrifices his son at the seige of Kir Hareseth

  Lives for 969 years

  Blesses the Danites conquest of Laish

Micah the Prophet
  Prophesies against Israel and Judah 
Predicts the coming of a great king from the family of David

Hides her brother Moses in the bulrushes
  Criticises Moses and becomes leprous
  Dies at Kadesh Barnea

  The god of Ammon

Mordecai, Uncle of Queen Esther
  Uncovers a plot to kill King Xerxes I 
  Becomes chief advisor to Xerxes I

  Hidden in bulrushes at edge of River Nile
Escapes to Midian

  Called by God at Mt Sinai 
 Threatens the Pharaoh with ten plagues
  Leads the Israelites out of Avaris and Pithom
 Leads the Israelites across the Reed Sea
  Receives the Ten Commandments from God
  Constructs the Ark of the Covenant
  Sends spies into Canaan
  Strikes a rock with Aaron's staff
  Erects a bronze snake on a pole
  Looks out over the 'promised land' from Mt Nebo 
  Moses dies at Mt Nebo 
  Psalm 90 - attributed to Moses

  Killed by King Ahab at Samaria

  Celebrates the destruction of Assyria by the Babylonians 
   Introduction to the Book of Nahum 
  Nahum predicts the fall of Nineveh

  Travels back to Bethlehem with Ruth

  Rebukes David for arranging Uriah's death 

Nathaniel (Bartholomew)
  Called to follow Jesus

Nebkaure Khety IV
  The pharaoh when Abraham and Sarah moved to Egypt

  A Babylonian god

Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon
  Invades Judah and forces King Jehoiakim to become a vassal 
  Conquers Jerusalem and sends its people into exile in Babylon 
  Beseiges Jerusalem 
   Zedekiah is brought before Nebuchadnezzar

Neco, Pharaoh of Egypt
  Kills King Josiah of Judah at the Battle of Megiddo
  Retakes Gaza from Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

Neferhotep I, Pharaoh of Egypt
 The pharaoh who did not know Joseph
  The pharaoh who mistreated the Hebrew slaves

  Returns to Jerusalem with a fourth group of exiles 
  Rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem 
  Appointed Governor of Judah by King Artaxerxes I 
  Reinforces the Sabbath no-trading laws

 Visits Jesus secretly at night
Persuades the Jewish Council not to condemn Jesus unjustly
  Helps Joseph of Arimathea to bury the body of Jesus

 Builds the Tower of Babylonia

   Journeys to Aratta on the flood
  His sons Ham, Shem & Japheth colonise the world

Decries Edom after it takes advantage of Jerusalem's fall in 587BC
  Obadiah prophesies that Edom will be punished 
  Obadiah foresees the resurgence of Israel 

Omri, King of Israel
  Builds a new capital at Samaria

  Conquers Debir

  Defeats King Cushan Rishathaim of Mesopotamia

  Journey to Damascus

1st missionary journey
  2nd missionary journey
  3rd missionary journey
  4th missionary journey
  Death in Rome
  Introduction to Paul's Letters

Pekah, Co-regent of Israel
  Murders Pekaniah to become co-regent 
  Allies with King Rezin of Syria to fight King Jotham of Judah 
  Deposed by Hoshea

Pekaniah, Co-regent of Israel
  Appointed co-regent by his father Mehanem 
  Murdered by Pekah, one of his officers

Peter (Simon)
  Nicknamed 'Peter' by Jesus
  Called to follow Jesus
 Says Jesus is the Messiah
  Denial of Jesus predicted
  Filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
  Peter's journeys

  Appointed to oversee distribution of food to widows
  Philip performs signs and wonders in Sebaste
  Philip and the Ethiopian
  Philip in Caesarea and Hierapolis
  Paul visits Philip in Caasarea

  Roman Emperor who invades Syria and creates the Roman province of Judaea

Pontius Pilate
  Jesus is tried by Pilate

Qedos Yisrael 
  Name of God meaning 'The Holy One of Israel'

  Marries Jacob at Haran

  Her son Joseph is born
  Dies near Bethlehem giving birth to Benjamin

Ramesses II, Pharaoh of Egypt
 Fails to defeat the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh
Plunders Jerusalem
  Why he is not the Pharaoh of the Exodus

  The Egyptian Sun god

  Refuses to drink wine - sets a good example of a sober & responsible life

  Rebekah is born at Haran

  Travels to Hebron to meet Isaac
  Twin sons Esau and Jacob born 

Rehoboam, King of Judah
  Sets up altars to Baal & Ashtoreth

Roman Emperors
   Roman Emperors in the New Testament

  Travels to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law Naomi

Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well
  Offered 'living water' by Jesus

  Born at Zorah and becomes a Nazarite 
Kills a lion and gives the Philistines a riddle to solve 
  Is deceived by Delilah 
  Demolishes the Temple of Dagon at Gaza

  Taken as a child to the sanctuary at Shiloh 
  Administers justice from Ramah 
  Anoints Saul as King of Israel 
  Condemns Saul at Gilgal 

  Anoints David as king at Bethlehem 
  Dies and is buried at Ramah

Sarai / Sarah
  Sarai (Sarah) is promised a son
  Isaac is born
  Sarah dies at Hebron 

Sargon II, King of Assyria
  Leads the Israelites into exile in Assyria 
  Sends Assyrian settlers to Samaria

Satan, "the accuser", brings an accusation against Joshua, the High Priest 

  Anointed King of Israel by Samuel 
  Defeats the Ammonites at Jabesh 
  Consults a medium at Endor 
  Defeated by the Philistines at Mt Gilboa

Sennacherib, King of Assyria
Attacks and conquers Lachish
Sennacherib attacks and conquers Lachish

Shallum, King of Israel
   Assassinates Zechariah and seizes the throne 
Is murdered by Menahem

Shalmaneser III, King of Assyria
  Fights Ahab of Israel & Ben-Hadad of Aram
at the Battle of Karkar
  The earliest reliable date in the Old Testament - Battle of Karkar

Shalmaneser V, King of Assyria
  Lays seige to Samaria and conquers Israel

  Kills six hundred Philistines

Sheshbazzar, Governor of Judah
  Returns with the first group of exiles

Shishak, Pharaoh of Egypt 
  Plunders Jerusalem 
  Why Shishak is not Pharaoh Shoshenk

Shoshenk I, Pharaoh of Egypt
Defeats King Hazael of Aram (Syria) in northern Israel
  Repels the Arameans (Syrians) when they attack Israel

 Accompanies Paul on his second missionary journey
  Visits Philippi with Paul
  Visits Thessanonica with Paul
  Rejoins Paul in Corinth

  Defeated by Barak at Mt Tabor

Solomon, King of Judah & Israel
Born in Jerusalem 
  Solomon becomes King of Israel & Judah
  Marries Pharaoh Haremheb's daughter 
  Builds the Temple in Jerusalem 
  King Solomon's mines 
  Installs the Ark of the Covenant in the Temple 
  Rebuilds the cities of Israel 
  Solomon's Overseas trading expeditions 
  Entertains the Queen of Sheba
  Builds a network of chariot cities 
  Turns away from God 
  Dies and is buried in Jerusalem
  Words of Wisdom attributed to King Solomon

  Appointed to oversee distribution of food to widows
  Tried by the Sanhedrin and stoned to death

Taharka, Pharaoh of Egypt
Fights the Assyrians in Judah

Tiglath-Pileser III, King of Assyria
  Invades Israel but is paid off by King Menahem 
  Captures Gilead, Galilee & Naphtali and deports the Israelites to Assyria
  Captures Damascus and kills King Rezin of Syria

 Joins Paul at Lystra on his second missionary journey
  Visits Berea with Paul
  Rejoins Paul in Corinth

  Accompanies Paul on his third missionary journey
  With Paul in Ephesus
  Stays with Paul in Rome
  In charge of the church in Ephesus
  Receives advice from Paul on church leadership

  Doubts that Jesus has risen from the dead

  Leads the Israelites for twenty three years

Xerxes I, King of Persia
 Builds a new royal palace at Persepolis 
  Deposes Queen Vashti and marries Esther

 Promotes and then executes Haman 
  Issues a royal decree allowing the Jews to defend themselves

  The personal name of the God of Israel 

Yahweh Sebaot
  Name for God meaning 'The LORD of hosts'

  Urges David to escape to Mahanaim

Zechariah, King of Israel
  Succeeds his father Jeroboam II as King of Israel
  Is assassinated by Shallum 

Zechariah, Post-exile prophet
Introduction to the Book of Zechariah 
  Zechariah sees an angel of the LORD riding a red horse 
  Zechariah has a vision of a young man with a measuring line 
  Zechariah has a vision of Joshua, the High Priest 
  Prophesies about the coming of the Messiah

Zedekiah, King of Judah
  Installed as a puppet king by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon 
  Rebels against Nebuchadnezzar and is taken captive to Babylon 
  Asks Jeremiah to pray for a miracle

 Is advised by Jeremiah to submit to King Nebuchadnezzar 
 Gives orders for Jeremiah to be confined in the royal palace 
 Zedekiah is blinded and led in chains to Babylon

Prophesies about the unfaithfulness of the people of Judah 
  Prophesies that Judah will be punished for following pagan gods 
  Warns of the punishment of Judah

Zerubbabel (grandson of King Jehoiachin of Judah)
Leads a second group of exiles home to Judah
  The LORD promises to bless Zerubbabel 
 The LORD tells Zerubbabel that he will succeed in rebuilding the Temple

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