Jeroboam II restores the boundaries of Israel

2 Kings 14:17-22   King Amaziah of Judah becomes highly unpopular and flees from Jerusalem to Lachish but is killed there in 767BC. His son Azariah (also called Uzziah) is proclaimed King of Judah in his place.

2 Kings 14:23-29   Jeroboam II becomes King of Israel in 782BC. In accordance with the prophecy of Jonah from Gath Hepher near Nazareth (see Jonah 1:1), Jeroboam II fights the Syrians and recaptures all the land lost to the east of the Jordan during the previous century - from the gates of Hamath south to the Dead Sea (see Map 59). This restores the boundaries of Israel to their former extent under King David.


Israel from the International Space Station (NASA)

Israel from the International Space Station  (NASA)


Jonah preaches a message of judgement to Nineveh, capital of Assyria, between 782BC & 741BC

Amos and Hosea denounce social injustice in Israel between 760BC and 725BC


2 Kings 15:1-7   Twenty years into his reign, Azariah (Uzziah), King of Judah, is struck by leprosy. From 747BC until his death ten years later, Judah is governed by his son and co-regent Jotham.


Micah speaks against both Israel and Judah between 747 and 722BC

Isaiah prophesies the destruction of Israel and Judah between 737BC and 716BC


2 Kings 15:8-12   In 741BC, King Jeroboam II of Israel is succeeded by his son Zechariah (who reigns from 741 to 740BC). After only six months, Zechariah is assassinated by Shallum. He, in turn, is murdered almost immediately by Menahem (who reigns from 740 to 731BC).

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