June New Testament readings

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June 1st                Acts 13:13                   Paul reaches Perga where John Mark returns to Jerusalem

June 2nd              Acts 13:14-52            Paul reaches out to non-Jews at Pisidian Antioch

June 3rd               Acts 14:1-7                  Paul and Barnabas work miracles and signs in Iconium

June 4th               Acts 14:8-20               Paul is stoned by Jews at Lystra and left for dead

June 5th               Acts 14:21-28            Paul and Barnabas appoint elders at each church

June 6th               Acts 15:1-20               Paul and Barnabas attend the Council of Jerusalem

June 7th               Acts 15:22-35            Judas Barsabbas and Silas visit the believers in Antioch

June 8th               Acts 15:36-16:5        Paul sets out on his 'second' missionary journey

June 9th               Acts 16:6-8                   Paul, Silas and Timothy travel across Phrygia to Troas

June 10th             Acts 16:9-10               Paul visits Europe for the first time

June 11th             Acts 16:13-15            Lydia becomes a follower of Jesus

June 12th             Acts 16:16-24            Paul and Silas are beaten and thrown into jail

June 13th             Acts 16:25-34            Paul and Silas are freed from prison by an earthquake

June 14th             Acts 16:35-40            Paul and Silas demand an apology from the Roman magistrates

June 15th             Acts 17:1                       Paul and Silas travel through Amphipolis and Apollonia

June 16th             Acts 17:1-9                  Paul and Silas are accused of treason at Thessalonica

June 17th             Acts 17:10-15            Paul and Silas preach in Berea

June 18th             Acts 17:16-33            Paul explains how Jesus is "the unknown God"

June 19th             Acts 18:1-11               Paul decides to concentrate on his non-Jewish audience

June 20th             Acts 18:12-17           The Roman governor of Achaia dismisses a charge against Paul

June 21st             Acts 18:18-23            Paul leaves Aquila and Priscilla in Ephesus

June 22nd            Acts 18:24-28            Apollos preaches and teaches in Ephesus

June 23rd             Acts 19:1-7                 The Ephesian believers are filled with the Holy Spirit

June 24th             Acts 19:8-10               Ephesus becomes the centre of Paul's outreach campaign

June 25th             Acts 19:11-20            Paul heals the sick and casts our evil spirits in Ephesus

June 26th             Acts 19:23:20:1        Demetrius, a silversmith, causes a riot in Ephesus

June 27th             Acts 20:1-3                  Paul visits Macedonia and writes to Corinth and Rome

June 28th             Acts 20:3-6                  Paul changes his mind on how to return to Jerusalem

June 29th             Acts 20:7-12               A young man falls from an upstairs window as Paul speaks

June 30th             Acts 20:13-38            Paul meets the elders from Ephesus for the last time

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