February Old Testament readings

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February 1st               Genesis 29:1-30             Jacob meets Rachel but is tricked into marrying Leah

February 2nd             Genesis 29:31-35,30:1-12,17-24     Jacob has twelve sons

February 3rd              Genesis 30:25-43           Jacob tricks his Uncle Laban

February 4th               Genesis 31:1-21             Jacob flees to Gilead

February 5th               Genesis 31:25-55          Jacob and Laban come to an agreement

February 6th               Genesis 32:1-8,13,22-30      Jacob wrestles with God at Peniel

February 7th               Genesis 33:1-11             Jacob meets his brother Esau

February 8th               Genesis 33:12-20          Jacob settles at Shechem

February 9th               Genesis 35:1-7                Jacob abandons the family gods

February 10th            Genesis 35:9-15             Jacob's new name - Israel - is confirmed by God

February 11th            Genesis 35:16-21.27-29      Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin

February 12th            Genesis 37:1-11              Joseph's dreams make his brothers jealous

February 13th            Genesis 37:12-24           Joseph's brothers plot to kill him

February 14th            Genesis 37:25-34           Joseph is sold into slavery

February 15th            Genesis 39:1-6                Joseph becomes Potiphar's personal steward

February 16th            Genesis 39:6-22             Joseph is accused of sexual misconduct

February 17th            Genesis 40:1-23             Joseph interprets the dreams of Pharaoh's officers

February 18th            Genesis 41:1-14             Joseph is brought before the king of Egypt

February 19th            Genesis 41:15-37          Joseph explains the king's dreams

February 20th            Genesis 41:39-57          Joseph becomes Vizier of Egypt

February 21st            Genesis 42:1-38              Joseph's brothers travel to Egypt to buy grain

February 22nd           Genesis 43:1-33             Joseph's brothers return to Egypt with Benjamin

February 23rd            Genesis 45:1-28             Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers

February 24th            Genesis 46:1-7,28-30     Jacob and his sons travel to Egypt

February 25th            Genesis 47:1-7,11-12,27-31    Jacob and his sons settle in Egypt

February 26th            Genesis 50:1-26            Jacob dies and is buried at Hebron

February 27th            Exodus 1:1-14                Jacob's descendants are forced to work as slaves

February 28th            Exodus 1:15-22             The Egyptians plan to kill all the Hebrew baby boys     

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