Paul's Letter to Philippi


This letter was written to the believers in Philippi in c.61AD while Paul was still under house arrest in Rome, awaiting his trial before the emperor Nero (see Map 27). Paul is writing to the church he had established in Macedonia (northern Greece) during his second missionary journey in 50 – 52AD (see Acts 16:12-40) and had visited at least twice more during his third missionary journey in 52 – 56AD (see Acts 20:1-6).

The letter was taken from Rome to Philippi by Epaphroditus (see Philippians 2:25-30) who had recently brought a gift from the Philippian believers to Paul at his rented house in Rome (see Philippians 4:18).

In this letter, Paul thanks the believers for their financial support. He urges them to be humble – like Jesus – rather than selfish and proud, and reminds them that their life in union with Christ is the result of faith rather than by following the Jewish law.


Via Egnatia at Philippi

The Via Egnatia at Philippi


Greetings from Paul

Phil. 1:1-2       Paul sends greetings from Timothy who is with Paul in Rome (see Acts 16:1-3 & Philippians 2:19-23).

Phil. 1:3-11     He thanks God for the support he has received from the believers in Philippi both while imprisoned in Rome and when he was free to spread the Good News of Jesus.

Phil. 1:12-17   Paul has been able to witness freely while in Rome, and the members of the Imperial guard who have been supervising his house arrest are well aware that he is on trial because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

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