8. Paul's Journey to Damascus

Roman remains in Tarsus
Paul (Saul) is born in c.5AD
in Tarsus in the Roman
province of Cilicia

Street in Old Tarsus
Tarsus was a major Roman
city renowned for it's
School of Philosophy

Old City, Jerusalem
Saul is taken to Jerusalem
as a boy and is taught
by Gamaliel - a Pharisee

St Stephen's Gate, Jerusalem
Saul persecutes the Christians
in Jerusalem
& supervises
the stoning of Stephen

ap of Saul's early journeys
Saul intends to persecute those
in Syria, but meets Jesus
on the way to Damascus
Straight Street, Damascus
He is filled with the Holy Spirit
in a house on Straight Street
in Damacsus
Map of Paul's early ministry
Paul teaches in Damascus
for 3 years &
then goes to Jerusalem
Roman Baths in Tarsus
He returns to Tarsus where
he preaches for 5 years
in Cilicia and Syria

Shops in Antioch
Barnabas takes Paul to
Antioch in Syria in 43AD

where he teaches for a year

Valley of Hinnom, Jerusalem
Paul and Barnabas journey
to Jerusalem in 44AD

with famine relief aid
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Rana Bridge, Antakya
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